Band :
Title : Sulayman Sulayman
Release Date : 22/01/2021
Label :
Format : Digital Download

I believe that music can change the world

I decided to write a song out of Sulayman’s story in order give a helping hand with him and others in difficult life situations.

If you want to help people like Sulayman Sanneh and hear more, follow the link:

The physically handicapped Gambian Sulayman Sanneh is looking for medical help. With his handicap, Sulayman made the arduous journey to Europe in 2014. In his luggage he has hopes and dreams of a pain-free life. In 2017, his fate led him completely exhausted and traumatized by the rigors of the trip to Germany. Since then, Sulayman has lived in a refugee home.

Through a mutual friend, Sulayman met the artist DJ Rockmaster B in 2020. Sulayman tells him about his ordeal and the terrible things that happened to him on his way to Europe.

From the experiences of Sulayman’s past and the open ear of DJ Rockmaster B, a moving song has emerged. This song gives people like Sulayman a voice so that they can share their experiences with others.

Immigration has its reasons and stories! And this is Sulayman’s story.

Music knows no skin color and no religion. Music can be the bridge between people of different ethnicities and origins.

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