Band :
Title : Up
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Format : Digital Download

DJ Rockmaster B „Up“

Every time someone hates you and tries to put you down, you should be secretly grateful.
Because in reality it makes you stronger inside and builds up your willpower! It brings you „UP“ to the top!

Originally I wanted to call the song “Haters”. But since I believe in the power of attraction,
The song is called what it is called “Up

DJ Rockmaster B „Up“

Jedesmal wenn dich einer Hated und versucht dich nieder zu machen, solltest du insgeheim dankbar sein.
Denn in Wirklichkeit macht er dich innerlich Stärker und baut deine Willenskraft auf ! Es bringt dich nach Oben !

Ursprünglich wollte ich den song „Haters“ nennen. Da ich aber an die Kraft der Anziehung glaube,
Heisst der Song wie er heisst „Up“

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Balkan Anthem

Title : Balkan Anthem
Format : Digital Download

“Balkan Anthem” DJ Rockmaster B

The endless summer in the Balkans as a song for the dance floor and your playlist. Listen to “Balkan Anthem” on Spotify now and enjoy the video on YouTube.

I knew that one day I would write an anthem for the people of the Balkans. And now it’s time to celebrate what we have achieved! The endless summer as a song for the dance floor and your playlist.

The endless summer in the Balkans as a song for the dance floor and your playlist.

Balkan Anthem is here to take you on a journey with great summer mood. Summer is truly endless in the Balkans and this anthem is your invitation to a fantastic party!

Balkan Anthem – DJ Rockmaster B 

Der endlose Sommer am Balkan als Song für die Tanzfläche und deine Playlist. Höre jetzt “Balkan Anthem” auf Spotify und genießen das Video auf YouTube. 

Ich wusste, dass ich eines Tages eine Hymne für die Menschen auf dem Balkan schreiben würde. Und jetzt ist es an der Zeit zu feiern, was wir erreicht haben! Der endlose Sommer als Song für die Tanzfläche und deine Playlist. 

Der endlose Sommer auf dem Balkan als Song für die Tanzfläche und Ihre Playlist. 

Balkan Anthem ist hier, um dich auf eine Reise mit großartiger Sommer-Stimmung mitzunehmen. Der Sommer ist auf dem Balkan wirklich endlos und diese Hymne ist deine Einladung zu einer fantastischen Party! 

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Band :
Title : Sulayman Sulayman
Label :
Format : Digital Download

I believe that music can change the world

I decided to write a song out of Sulayman’s story in order give a helping hand with him and others in difficult life situations.

If you want to help people like Sulayman Sanneh and hear more, follow the link:


The physically handicapped Gambian Sulayman Sanneh is looking for medical help. With his handicap, Sulayman made the arduous journey to Europe in 2014. In his luggage he has hopes and dreams of a pain-free life. In 2017, his fate led him completely exhausted and traumatized by the rigors of the trip to Germany. Since then, Sulayman has lived in a refugee home.

Through a mutual friend, Sulayman met the artist DJ Rockmaster B in 2020. Sulayman tells him about his ordeal and the terrible things that happened to him on his way to Europe.

From the experiences of Sulayman’s past and the open ear of DJ Rockmaster B, a moving song has emerged. This song gives people like Sulayman a voice so that they can share their experiences with others.

Immigration has its reasons and stories! And this is Sulayman’s story.

Music knows no skin color and no religion. Music can be the bridge between people of different ethnicities and origins.

I Get high new song


Band :
Title : I GET HIGH
Release Date : 09/05/2020
Label :
Format : Digital Download


A capitalist who is collapsing with his empire at the top of his career and is on a manhunt is being arrested by the police with instructions from the FBI. Miraculously he is released and gets away with a black eye … ..then he finds God. #ColinTrainor


Ein Kapitalist der an der Spitze seiner Karriere mit seinem Imperium zusammenbricht und zur Fahndung ausgeschrieben ist, wird durch die Polizei mit Hinweisen der FBI verhaftet. Wie durch ein Wunder wird er entlassen und kommt mit einem blauem Auge davon…..dann findet er zu Gott. #ColinTrainor

Find out more and let the music tell the rest of this story.

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Production & Video – Beyhan Büyüktokatli – DJ Rockmaster B 


Song & Story by DJ Rockmaster B 2020

Ali Pacino – DJ Rockmaster B

Band :
Title : Ali Pacino
Release Date : 07/03/2020
Label :
Format : Digital Download

ALI PACINO – DJ Rockmaster B


Die Geschichte „Ali Pacino“ beschreibt die Erlebnisse, Träume und Wünsche des lebenslustigen in Deutschland lebenden Flüchtlings Ali Muhammed aus Idlib, Syrien, der sich mit einem italienischem Namen in die westliche Welt integriert. #alipacino


The story “Ali Pacino” describes the experiences, dreams and wishes of the fun-loving refugee Ali Muhammed from Syria, who lives in Germany and who integrates with an Italian name into the western world. #alipacino


California Dreamin

Title : California Dreamin (feat. Rino De Masi) - DJ Rockmaster B
Format : Digital Download

California Dreamin by DJ Rockmaster B & Rino De Masi

The best songs have already been made.

This modern danceable cover version of „California Dreaming“ belongs to every party playlist for all time music classics ( Pop Music, Funk, Soul, Hip

Hop, Moombahton ).

As a professional musician and artist, DJ Rockmaster B & Rino De Masi want to use their skills to pay attention to the most important and beautiful songs in this world, so they will not be forgotten, their personal musical homage.

Die besten Song gab es schon,

DJ Rockmaster B & Rino De Masi wollen als Musiker und Künstler ihre Fähigkeiten dazu nutzen den wichtigsten und schönsten Songs dieser Welt Aufmerksamkeit Schenken um sich nicht in Vergessenheit geraten zu lassen, ihre persönliche musikalische Hommage.

Maniac Madness Vol 2

Title : Maniac Madness Vol 2
Format : Digital Download

Hey DJ´s and Musiclovers …Attention !!!

DJ Rockmaster B presents Maniac Madness „Mashup & Edit“ Pack Vol. 2

7 exclusive Mashups & Edits – enjoy them and thank you for your amazing support in 2017!

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mm vol 2 1080p

DJ Rockmaster B – Butterfly feat. J-Oh (NizeT Remix)

Title : Butterfly feat. J-Oh (NizeT Remix)
Release Date : 06/11/2018
Catalog ref. : uWaves002
Format : Digital Download

DJ Rockmaster B has once again something extraordinary, his song „Butterfly“ is based on aktuell club music style with dancefloor banging beats, this remix party rocket by NizeT aka Tom F makes good feelings. Vocally supported is the production of J-Oh with straight lyrics and party shouts.

One Day

Title : One Day (feat. Maik Pinto & George Geccoo)
Format : Digital Download


Title : Parade
Release Date : 05/11/2017
Format : Digital Download


Maniac Madness Vol 1

Band :
Title : Maniac Madness Vol 1
Label :
Format : Digital Download

Hey DJ´s and Musiclovers …Attention !!!

DJ Rockmaster B presents Maniac Madness „Mashup & Edit“ Pack Vol. 1

7 exclusive Mashups & Edits – enjoy them and thank you for your amazing support in 2017!

FREE DOWNLOAD: https://hypeddit.com/track/sc/aq5ai5


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